Showcase STORM-4, 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door 2.8 CRD

STORM-4, 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door 2.8 CRD

Off road overland capability with everyday practicality, this Storm Jeep JK uses the industry’s best products for off road durability and badass looks!


This Storm Jeep uses an Old Man Emu 4” suspension lift kit by ARB has undergone countless hours of engineering and testing.

4 inch lift is achieved by linear rate springs using X5K high grade steel tuned to provide compliant ride on road while maintaining off road performance.
Both front and rear Nitrocharger Sport shocks have vehicle specific valving tuned for optimal blend of ride control and comfort. Shock lengths have been optimized for maximum down travel while retaining factory drive shafts, brake lines and shock mounts. The Nitrocharger Sport Shock are the most advanced and innovative 4×4 shock absorber on the market. Designed by a dedicated team of OME engineers through an exhaustive vehicle specific development program, Nitrocharger Sport 4×4 shock absorbers deliver the best control, durability and most comfortable ride over all terrain.

To center and fine tune the location of the front axle, Old Man Emu has developed an adjustable forged track bar as a replacement to the original. A Hi grade 4140 forged steel adjustable track bar was chosen for it’s superior strength, durability and freedom to optimize design.

A rear Track Bar relocation bracket was developed to address the positioning of the rear track bar. This relocation bracket not only centers the axle but also raises the rear roll center to provide positive rear stability. Old Man Emu engineers have used Design Solid Modelling and FEA to ensure strength and durability.
A bump stop spacer kit is used to ensure a larger diameter tire is kept off the body work and optimizes shock extended and compressed lengths to allow maximum compression and rebound travel.

New longer front and rear sway bar links have been developed to correct sway bar alignment due to increased lift. The rear link is the factory style with two ball joints. The front link has an upper ball joint and the lower has a disconnect function using a greasable pin.

The steering damper has been specifically tuned for the Jeep JK to address front end wobbles initiated by anything from worn ball joints to out of balance large diameter tires.

Brake line relocation brackets have been developed to reroute factory brake lines to work with this kits’ extended shock lengths. A handbrake relocation bracket lowers the brake line mounting position to relieve stress on brake lines resulting from the higher ride height.

The factory control arms have been replace with a full set of upper and lower adjustable control arms by Clayton. These control arms are the Best of the Best that brings improved safety, reliability and durability. These arms providing maximum movement, to keep your tires on the ground for better traction, reducing stress on your OEM frame brackets and providing full adjustability for the Pinion angles and Castor.

Wheels and Tyres

18×9” XHD wheels are Rugged Ridges toughest new design in custom wheels. This Hub-Centric design exactly centers the wheel over the hub providing the best fit possible and the proper clearance for brake rotors, steering components and suspension. Better fit, no wheel vibration! Stainless steel button-head socket cap screws around the perimeter of the outer wheel face give a great 3-piece look, and also let you accessorize with our optional trim ring. Each wheel includes a UV-treated polished center cap that replicates a manual hub for that off road look. The durable powdercoated finish gives an ultra-hard finish for long life and a great look. Rugged Ridge wheels have been independently tested and certified to meet/exceed SAE J2530 standards for wheel strength and durability. Bolted to the outside of the rim is the Rugged Ridge rim protector and protect the wheel lip and tyre bead from off road abuse.
The wheels are fitted with huge 35×12.5” Cooper Discoverer STT tyre, featuring a computer designed, non-directional tread employs features such as deep buttress lugs, notched and scalloped shoulder lugs, and a unique centre traction zone for tough off-road driving. The tyre’s heavy duty carcass is constructed of two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply to deliver 3 plies of protection against impact breaks and bruising.
An AEV procal module has been used to re-calibrate the speedo and gearbox with the oversize tyres.


The matching front and rear ARB bumpers mean business in the off road world. The front winch bumper is an all-new design from ARB and provides frontal protection and a winch mounting platform, whilst retaining the visual appeal of the 7-slot grill of the JK.
Both bumpers incorporated recovery points, Hi-Lift lifting points. For improved corrosion resistance the bumpers pre-treated with a zinc shield before being coated in Integrit™ textured powder coat, which is uniquely formulated to replicate the appearance of automotive grade black plastic, on steel or alloy fabricated products. It is designed for maximum aesthetic appeal with an ultra-low sheen, matte finish.
The tyre carrier can take the weight of the massive wheel and tyre without rattling noises or vibration. This carrier is one of the toughest on the market. Attached to the tailgate via a tailgate support plate allows you to open the carrier and tailgate at the same time.


Fitted with Warns flagship winch, the Warn Zeon 10-s Platinium. Advanced technology, this is the ultimate performance winch with a 10,000 lb. pulling capacity
The WARN ZEON 10 Platinum—the most technically advanced winch ever conceived. The manual clutch has been eliminated. An Advanced Wireless Remote controls not only the winch, but also the clutch and other accessories. Durability and waterproofing sets a new benchmark for its class. Add in a high-performance motor package, and you have a game changing winch allowing you to go places others only dream about.


The factory headlights have been upgraded with Vision X Vortex LED headlight finished in black chrome. Legal and engineered for the UK market the Vortex LED Headlight also comes packed with an extremely powerful high-beam, and a wide spread low beam. With such diversity in beam pattern, you can rest assured that you’ll have to right lighting for the right scenario at any given time. Equipped with a Halo LED Ring, the headlights features a bright halo ring that can be active as a day time running light without having the low beam or high beams on. Having a 7″ halo on the front of your vehicle will not only turn heads, but also provide you with the optimal lighting options for the right conditions.

Front fog light have also been upgraded to Vision X Optimus LED units. Neatly integrated into the front bumpers these light are E marked and have a day time running halo that work with the vehicles side lights.

Storage Rack

Front runner roof rack has been used for increased storage capacity. This neat half rack provides a sturdy platform for mounting boxes to store soiled recovery equipment you would rather keep out of your vehicle. The roof rack has many options available for mounting hi-lift jacks, spades, axe’s and many more. The half rack platform also provides enough space for mounting a rooftop tent.
The front runner rack mounting system bolts to the roll bar with middle and rear brackets. This unobtrusive, high performance, nearly indestructible mounting solution allows you to quickly remove the Freedom Panels and works with the hard top or with no roof at all. Freedom Panels can be quickly and easily removed with rack in place. The cargo weight is evenly distributed across the roll bars and body of the jeep, placing zero weight on the fragile hard top.

Safari Snorkel

The Safari Snorkel protects the engine from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off road driving. The snorkel relocated the air intake point from the relatively low and vulnerable position under the bonnet to a higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean and dry air is available, protecting the engine from costly damage.
Manufactured in Australia from premium quality polyethylene, the Safari snorkel is UV stable and incredibly resilient to withstand harsh environments.

Axle Modifications

Large 35” tyres on the factory 3.21 ring and pinion gears results in poor performance, lack of control off road and increased strain on the engine and transmission. To improve acceleration and gain low speed off road control, the ring and pinions were swapped out for 4.56 ratio to compensate for the larger tyres. The Alloy USA ring and pinion gears are manufactured from high quality 8620 forgings and Gleason gear cutting technology, these are made to last.
To cope with the added strain of larger tyres, the standard axle shafts have been replaced with Chromoly Axle shafts by Alloy USA. These shafts are high tensile strength 4340. Chromoly is heat-treated, tempered and induction hardened, resulting in heavy-duty axles that are up to 40% stronger than stock 1040 axles.

Differential Lockers

The Wrangler is fitted with the world’s most highly regarded traction aid, an ARB Air Locker. The Air Locker is a driver controlled locking differential originally designed to give serious 4 wheelers the traction needed to combat extreme off road terrain. When extra traction is required, the driver activates the Air Locker via a convenient dash mounted switch. Pneumatic pressure supplied by an on board air compressor engages ARB’s patented locking mechanism within the Air Locker, thus preventing the wheels from turning independently. The Air Locker is deactivated by flicking a switch, returning the differential to normal.
ARB Air Locker’s patented design has proved ultra dependable, even in the most arduous conditions. It’s strength lies in its simplicity minimal moving parts ensures maximum reliability. All structural components are manufactured from aerospace grades of high alloy steel, and where possible, we increase the number of differential pinion gears to distribute torque loads evenly. Many recent Air Locker designs also utilise timed gear sets to further improve strength, a design feature that has led to a second US patent on the product.


  • Engine 2.8 CRD
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Power 197bhp
  • Transmission 5 Speed Automatic
  • Model Year 2011
  • No. Doors 4
  • Colour Deep Cheery Red Metallic

Storm Specifications

  • Old Man Emu 4 " Suspension Lift
  • Clayton Adjustable Control Arms (8 off upper and lower)
  • Rugged Ridge 18” x 9” Gun Metal Grey XHD Wheels
  • Rugged Ridge 18” Black Rim Protectors
  • 35x12.5R18 Discoverer Cooper STT Tyres
  • Alloy USA Ring and Pinion, 4.56 Axle Ratio
  • ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear
  • Alloy USA Chromolly Dana 30 Axle Shafts
  • AEV Procal Module
  • Safari Snorkel
  • ARB Front Hoopless Bumper
  • ARB Rear Bumper with Tyre Carrier
  • Front Runner Half Slimline Roof Rack
  • Vision X Vortex LED Headlights
  • Vision X LED Foglights
  • Warn Zeon Platinum 10S Winch